2021 Talent Show Competition Results

Congratulations to our winners!

Ages 5 & under

First PrizeSecond Prize
PianoCallysta Audrianna Bumi


Ages 6 – 10

First PrizeSecond Prize Third Prize
Hannah Lin

Levin Zhang
Claire Baik
Advik Sanal Kumar

Sarvesh Sriram
VoiceCeline Elizabeth Matthews
ViolinCeline Elizabeth Matthews
DuetSpencer Sebestyen and Emi Oki


Ages 11 – 14

First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
PianoOlivia Anyu Li
Evangelia Rosalie Corvera
ClarinetJustin Wen Li
CelloHaryn Grace Jeung
Marieli Alejandra Martinez
VoiceAriel Faith Noble
EnsembleHeather Matthews Violin Ensemble


Ages 15 – 17

First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
PianoMichael Boade Silas

Aurora Rose Lee
Melody Chang

Ria Juwita Nurcahyadi

Kyle Chan
Henry Chen

Arjun Lakshmanan
GuzhengAshley Huang
TubaZhaowei Qu

VoiceJoshua Bond Corey


Ages 18 – 22

First Prize Second Prize
PianoAnson Tiong
Kingsley Li

Molly Jane Smith

Jasmine Liu
ClarinetIsabella Ashlee Porto

Nickolas Sime Grubic
HarpSebastian Mateo Gobbels


Ages 23+

First Prize Second Prize
FluteMikaela Hannon
HarpsichordAnna Magdalena Guja
HornMary Beth Orr
TrumpetJonathan Hunda
ViolaPeijun Xu
DuetKevin Matheson and Judith Clark
EnsembleLerche, Radwańska, Kafel, Guja



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